“Baihu’s Haikus” is where I post as inspiration hits, which is never on a schedule. Here is where I spend most of my time. Please come visit there when things are quiet here


  • Now mobile compatible…you can visit and order readings from your laptop, phone or tablet
  • New look…easy navigation
  • Holiday Special: $5 off all e-mail “Seasons of the Year” Tarot readings until Jan 3, 2016
  • RVideo and readings via Skype 
  • Youtube channel available…but on a steep learning curve


  • Also mobile compatible
  • NEW “digital tutorial” – get custom, individualized bead meditation recommendations. Digital copy of how-to booklet “Serene Beads: Meditation Made Easy” is included
  • More online services under devalopment
  • “Serene Beads” available in pdf format at Quirk & Flotsam

Introducing Quirk & Flotsam

  • pdf downloadable how-to e-books about Tarot and Meditation…more to come
  • hand-made, Reiki-blessed, high quality 108 bead mala style meditation beads
  • random, quirky, miscellaneous jewelry and accessories hand crafted from “upcycled” project leftovers, castoffs and bargain bin finds.



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