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New Podcast Episode: Test Tubes and Tarot Decks on @MenageATarot

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Test Tubes and Tarot Decks

This listener inspired episode talks about Science, Spirituality and Tarot, running the gambit from Major Arcana to Schrodinger’s Cat.

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Merry Festivus and Happy Gorilladays

Hi everyone!

Merry Festivus! May your grievances be airy and your heart be light!


So are your fangs out and eyes dark enjoying all those forbidden holiday treats? Don’t go too overboard, but enjoy. That’s part of the point of “The Vampire Diet“…being a real person, not some perfect automaton, not a mechanical calorimeter in tennis shoes.

If you want to feed your ears and your brains as well as your tummies, the new “Menage A Tarot” podcast is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, and of course This month: “The 1000 Lb Gorilla in a Santa Suit”


Happy Holidays!

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