Baihu’s Bio


When I was single, I had a really, really common last name. I wanted an email address that was a little more memorable than Smith999999. After trying several nicknames, none of which were available, I noticed the book I was reading on the desk next to the keyboard. My favorite chapter was titled “White Tiger”. I love Chinese Martial Arts like Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Ba Gua. The white tiger is also the symbol for metal, my lucky element in Chinese astrology.  “Bai” is white and “Hu” is tiger in Mandarin Chinese, and there you have it, “Baihu” was born.

I was “Baihu” in the old “Writers Castle” critique group for poets and short story writers. I’m still geeked out over being voted their “Poet of the Year” in 2004.  Baihu is still my screen name as an alternative medicine and tarot “expert” on I’ve been “Baihu” in so many websites it has become a sort of alter-ego.

Now that I’m more open about my psychic / intuitive work, I don’t use “Baihu” quite as much as before, but I honor the white tiger totem that brought me here on my biography pages, and of course, with this blog.

If you would like to learn more about my real-life work in HOLISTIC HEALTH and my independent non-fiction WRITING projects please visit

I specialize in natural stress management. One of the oldest drug-free stress-reducers is…oddly enough…Tarot Readings. Yes, really.

If you would like to learn more about PSYCHIC TAROT READINGS (for entertainment and stress management), please visit


Ronda Snow holds a Ph.D in Natural Health and a B.S. in Medical Science. She writes Modern Oracle Tarot” blog and “The Vampire Diet blog, both on for KINDLE. She has been writing online under the nickname “Baihu” since back when her computer had an actual, blinking  “C:\”  prompt. Yeah, she’s that old.


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