Concrete can not stop

The smallest sprout, given time

Barefoot in the grass


The Mood Within Your Eye

The Mood Within Your Eye

The world is a pile of diamonds

Against the blue topaz sky

Or stacks of shards and danger

Against the grey storm’s lie

The world is either depending

On the mood within your eye.


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Congratulations NASA

Poem in celebration of the successful Orion test lauch 5 December 2014

I’ve loved they space program since Apollo. I’m old enough that I actually remember sitting next to my Dad watching the first moon landing. I still have a hunch he was the one who convinced mom to let me get up to watch. Of course, like every other four year old in the nation, that was the moment I decided to be an astronaut when I grew up. It was also the moment my lifelong interest in space exploration and astronomy was born. Want to live a little poetry? Go out in the middle of a winter night to watch a lunar eclipse. Wrap your head around what that silent, blurry dot of a comet really means. Marvel that human beings could figure it all out. We’re pretty remarkable little monkeys when we let ourselves be.

Had to laugh, my very uptight, self-doubting, constrained, prim, proper mother caught herself telling my husband what a rambunctious little “space monkey” I was in those days. (Prabably because of the major campaign I’d waged to watch a night launch of one of the later Apollo flights…didn’t work, the old lady still made me go to bed on time since it was a school night, but it was a pretty epic effort for a little kid). I think she was really worried that she’d offend me by saying that…in her evangelical and racist-south world, calling someone a monkey has some pretty dark implications…and she really didn’t know what to think when I busted out laughing and LOVED it. Space Monkey? I’ll take it. I still love space exploration, and am totally geeked over the Orion launch yesterday. A whole program named after my favorite constillation, it’s kismet.

So here’s to you NASA

Orion Sleeps Tonight

Once I tried to find myself

In the bottom of a wishing well

The coins that I cast in there

Too precious for a faceless one

To keep

Over my shoulder the night time sky

Far away diamonds on fire

Looking up, a man I saw there

Looking down, over fields you came

To me

A friend in the stars

Is one to keep

But a love to touch

Is a precious thing

Tonight Orion sleeps

In the nights of Orion’s sleep

Wind in the trees no longer speaks

Your love is the only thing that I know

Under the moon’s gemstone glow


The stars are the same a lifetime through

Unmoved by anything that we do

Their distant reassurances though

Pale in the light of the closeness we know

As love

A friend in the stars

Is one to keep

But a love to touch

Is a precious thing

Tonight Orion Sleeps

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My poet’s soul is on vacation

When I look at the world

It isn’t glowing with words

Or pithy phrases spiced

with rhythm and potent emotion

I see the world

As it is

Plain and mundane

And find myself content

With its mundane beauty


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Define: a poem

A Poet:

Someone who stands unafraid in the face of reality

Absorbing the experience of it

Then pulling truth from the silence

That falls between ordinary words.




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poem: Shadow

We are not pulled by literal tides

Nor moved by ritual compunction

Majority, minority, authority

Mean nothing on the fringe

Where we sail a cosmic wind and

Follow the star of our heart alone

Acceptability left in our wake

Autonomy captured in the shadows

After the quiet slaughter of dogma


As a silent spiritual ninja