Concrete can not stop

The smallest sprout, given time

Barefoot in the grass


Happy Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice (btw, did you know I do Tarot Readings?)

Will be burying the needle on summer fun this solstice weekend, and hope it finds you healthy, and well, and having fun too. Will be on episodic “blogcations” over the next couple of months playing mom’s taxi and taking kids to the pool (rough job, that one 😉 Apologies in advance for the posts I’m sure to miss.

Since things are so erratic, and I tend to take longer to fill reading orders, I’ve reduced all the prices on my e-mail tarot readings between the Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox. Readings are still the exact same reading you would get in-person or on the phone (that’s why e-mail is my specialty…most psychics can’t or don’t like to work without you there to answer questions, give non-verbal cues etc…doesn’t matter a bit to me. The intuitive information is all the same either way to me).

No appointment needed for e-mail readings – send your question anytime. Please visit and click the ‘get your reading’ tab at the top of the page for price list and ordering instructions.

Soooo…that’s why the poetry writing might slow down for  bit. Got to go nap under a shade tree and find some inspiration out there somewhere.

Wishing you a wonderful solstice 😀

Dog Days

August isn’t a time of fighting, or struggle. I look at the world in a very yin-yang sort of way. This time of year, the height of summer, is the peak of yang in the norther hemisphere. Fight and struggle is also yang. The way to deal with August is serenity.


Beneath blazing sun

Tranquility is the shade

For the peaceful heart